China: Day 3

Getting back on the field yesterday [during the workout], it felt a little more like we were here for a job that we’re not just here for vacation. Today when I got up, I was like ‘all right, we’ve got a game … I’m ready to kick the Dodger butts.’

It didn’t really feel like a Spring Training game today. The fans were into the game and it almost felt like Winter Ball with the fans really in it, making noise the whole game. I had a good time. I got into it more than I normally do in the spring.

I got to pitch, which was good because it had been a while. I gave up a walk, a hit and a couple strikeouts. I felt good because I didn’t give up a run but also that I was able to make some pitches despite being rusty.

The fastball that I threw to [Matt] Kemp to strike him out was good to end the inning, I think he was looking for a curveball. I’ve been having trouble throwing a curveball over the left side of the plate this spring so it was nice to be able to do that a little bit today.


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