China: Day 4

After the game last night, we went to the silk market here. There were about 10 of us who took the subway. We were packed like sardines in there. It was quite an experience. We were so squished in there. Going out to the silk market was fun. It was like everyone had the best quality, everyone had the best deal.

I would like one more day here with absolutely nothing to do baseball wise. It’s like you finally have the lowdown on everything and now we’re leaving. I want more day.

This trip is going to be something I tell my kids and my grandkids about, that I was part of one of the first teams to come over here and experience everything that I did. I went to the Great Wall, that’s one of the seven wonders of the world, the Forbidden City. I feel as if I know the culture more so than I did before.

The only American food I had was the pizza we had here at the stadium. And even that wasn’t that good. I tried all the Chinese food out there. It something that I’m always going to remember.



Heath, It sounds like a great experience, almost magical. The news and photos sent back to San Diego a in short supply. I hope you took some pics you can share. If you really like the food, I have many friends here and can hook you up.
There is a city in China, Guilin, that I hope to visit this summer. Have you heard of it?

Thanks for taking the time to blog. David.

Hi Heath, I’m so happy to see the MLB in the Wukesong field.And Thanks for you give me the ball yesterday, I get a signature from Kouzmanoff on the ball.Hope you can enjoy this China trip, And hope see u again.Whatever play the series again or private travel to China.


Thanks for the continued updates. It’s been nice keeping up with your adventure overseas.

-Zack (aka “The Baseball Collector”)

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